Monday, 7 May 2018

Book Review: Red Queen

I was very late to the party on this one and I don’t know why I left it for so long but now I can see why people said I was crazy for not reading it sooner

Red Queen is about a kingdom divided by blood type. The silver bloods born with abilities like control fire (like the royal family), water, iron or even the mind and Red bloods who have been controlled by silvers for hundreds of years, but when Mare Barrow falls to her death from a balcony while working and survives the story begins. Mare Barrow knows that when she is cut she bleeds red, so when a lightning bolt shots from her hand no-one is more surprised than her… and doing it in front of a stadium full of elite silver families wasn't what she thought would happen when she woke up this morning, but it’s also probably the thing that saves her life.

With too many people seeing the spectacle the royal family knows that getting rid of her will raise to many questions, so what better way to hide a secret then to hide it in plain sight so Mare Barrow is transformed into Mareena Titanos, a dead silver lords lost child, now found and brought home again…. Mare has no choose but to play along it’s that or an “accident” that leaves her dead. But the more time she spends with these pretentious, spoiled elites the more her ability hums for rebellion and with the help of an unlikely companion the struggling red rebellion might finally have their chance…

The red queen series has so many hidden scandals and back stabbings (sometimes literally) that it hurt to read it, just when you think yes yes yes! the storyline turns to a nooo no why nooo ;)  With the addition of handsome princes, steampunk’esk machinery and a ragtag rebellion this book ticks a lot of boxes.

And might I just add the characters ’abilities’ are really well done.  There isn't to many of them so you don’t lose track of who can do what and the creativity of them is unlike other books I have read  (okay fire and water control are your norm but being able to manipulate iron into a dress that can also kill someone that needs a high five) 

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