Thursday, 7 June 2018

Book Review: Revenge and the Wild

Westie, our rough around the edges main character, is on the hunt for her families killers, a group of cannibals that left her an orphan and only one arm. As a child Westie was saved and nursed back to health by the Wintu tribe then was adopted by Nigel Butler a local inventor who is also responsible for the new piece of clockwork hardware she calls an arm. Westie and Nigel live in the sanctuary of Rouge City, a western town protected by Wintu magic where humans and creatures can live side by side without killing each other. But now seventeen, Westie wants revenge, and will search high and low if she has too. But fate has other plans for Westie and her crew and with a new troubling discovery about magic and an even more troubling set of visitors Westie is going to need a lot more help and smarts to get the revenge she craves.

This story is full of amazing characters including a vampire with an agenda of his own, werewolves, a boy with a clockwork mask, Orks and other mythical creatures that all still manage to fit the western theme of the story. I loved the relationships Westie has with the different characters and found myself loving them all in the same ways she does. I haven't read a stand alone book in a while and it was nice to have the 'situation' resolved all in the one book, it also made the story flow quickly

This is a good book to read between series or while your waiting for the next book in a series to be  published! (like i was HURRY UP WAR STORM haha), or if your just wanting a 'bookpallet' cleanser because this books is definitely 'interestingly different' .

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Book Review: The Last Namsara

Who would have thought telling a bedtime story could be a dragons weakness.

We dive into this amazing story with Asha (that’s our kick ass heroine of the story) luring a dragon out so she can kill it. She succeeds but not before she is burnt by the dragon as he takes its last breath, being burnt by dragon fire is deadly.
When she tries to treat her burn in secret is when she meets a slave. (You’ll like him). He isn’t afraid of her, everyone is afraid of her. He bandages her burn without flinching or shying away. Why isn’t he scared? It’s against the law to look at her let alone touch her, so why is he risking his life helping her?

To not have to marry her jerk of a fiancĂ© she must complete a dangerous mission, a mission that completely turns on its head. Showing our heroine that love ones don’t always tell you the truth, sometimes that can burn deeper than a dragon’s burn.

This story is fast pace, page turning and has a grip on you that you absolutely NEED to know what happens next. There are short stories within the story so you are never lost about what’s happened or how something started.

LOVED IT! Give it a go!

Review by Ema

Monday, 21 May 2018

Book Review: Brotherhood of Thieves

Brotherhood of thieves is set back when horses were how you got home on time, you didn’t leave home without your sword and life on the streets leaves you cold, miserable and hungry… so when main character —orphan and street thief— Caspan gets given the chance to compete to join the brotherhood of thieves (a secret order sanctioned by the king) how could he pass it up.

The secret order specialise in treasure hunting, exploring ancient temples long left by an ancient race that lived on earth many moons ago, leaving behind their magical artifacts that are much needed by the kings army in a war against the Roon, the invading ork army .

After completing the first part of their training the five young apprentices – Caspan, Roland, Lachlan, Sara and Kilt - receive a very special gift reserved only for those in the Order… their own Wardens, a magical beast that they will train with to help them with their task, but when the group are sent on their first mission things don’t go to plan and the trainees must rely on each other and work together to survive.

This book would suit any reader that enjoys dragons, sword fighting, magical pets and funny banter. Also great for younger teens stepping up into teen books.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Comic Review: Captain Marvel

I've not been the biggest DC or Marvel fan because they normal require that you have read lots of other DC or Marvel books to understand whats happening and I can never keep track of them all. In saying that though I've decided to drive in and just blunder my way through for a while #mangareaderproblems.

Even though I'm pretty sure Captain Marvel has a series before this, it wasn't to hard to follow because she has started a 'new job' at the space station meant to guard earth, so the problems that ensue are new.
(please forgive my storyline ignorance, I'm learning okay :P)

Captain Marvel herself has a sense of humor i liked and the Elite Force she is teamed up with has some amusing characters too. This book pulls together #1-#5 but was still a good quick read

Monday, 7 May 2018

Book Review: Red Queen

I was very late to the party on this one and I don’t know why I left it for so long but now I can see why people said I was crazy for not reading it sooner

Red Queen is about a kingdom divided by blood type. The silver bloods born with abilities like control fire (like the royal family), water, iron or even the mind and Red bloods who have been controlled by silvers for hundreds of years, but when Mare Barrow falls to her death from a balcony while working and survives the story begins. Mare Barrow knows that when she is cut she bleeds red, so when a lightning bolt shots from her hand no-one is more surprised than her… and doing it in front of a stadium full of elite silver families wasn't what she thought would happen when she woke up this morning, but it’s also probably the thing that saves her life.

With too many people seeing the spectacle the royal family knows that getting rid of her will raise to many questions, so what better way to hide a secret then to hide it in plain sight so Mare Barrow is transformed into Mareena Titanos, a dead silver lords lost child, now found and brought home again…. Mare has no choose but to play along it’s that or an “accident” that leaves her dead. But the more time she spends with these pretentious, spoiled elites the more her ability hums for rebellion and with the help of an unlikely companion the struggling red rebellion might finally have their chance…

The red queen series has so many hidden scandals and back stabbings (sometimes literally) that it hurt to read it, just when you think yes yes yes! the storyline turns to a nooo no why nooo ;)  With the addition of handsome princes, steampunk’esk machinery and a ragtag rebellion this book ticks a lot of boxes.

And might I just add the characters ’abilities’ are really well done.  There isn't to many of them so you don’t lose track of who can do what and the creativity of them is unlike other books I have read  (okay fire and water control are your norm but being able to manipulate iron into a dress that can also kill someone that needs a high five) 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Book Review: Defy

“How do I look?” My voice wobbled but I refused to let myself cry again. The army would be here any minute.
“Like me,” Marcel said
Together, we hurried to pick up all the hair and throw it into the flames that were consuming what was left of our cottage. The long strands, years’ worth of growth, curled up and burned away in moments. Gone. Like my parents. Like my home. All taken, burned, hewn down, and turned to ash.

It always irritated Alexa how similar she looked to her twin brother Marcel. Her jaw was to square for a girl and she was too tall, her hair was the one feature that made her look like a girl apart from that she could easily pass as her brother’s twin brother not twin sister, but that’s exactly what saves her after the Blevon army attacks her village killing her parents and making Alexa and her brother orphans and in their king’s care… where all orphaned boys are forced to join the king’s army and all orphaned girls are sent to the breeding house… to one day make more boys for his growing army.
So Alexa has no choose but to live out the remainder of her life as Alex, Marcel’s twin brother and become a solider in the king’s army but after displaying her talents with a sword in training the twins are quickly transferred to the elite prince’s guard. Were they must now guard the young prince day and night… yea that will be easy for a girl hiding out as a boy...
With that main set up happening in the first 20 or so pages it leaves a lot of story left and there is a lot of amazing story left.
This series has enough to please everyone, a love triangle, witty writing, sword fighting, a girl hiding in a boy’s world, battling for what’s right from within, characters that aren’t all that they seem and my personal favorite kick ass main characters!!!

The series is nice a quick to with each book only being a few hundred pages long so if your looking for a quick series to read or just wanting something to read while on break I recommend giving it a go.

The breeding house isn’t graphically explained but is differently part of the story and will need a slightly older readers to understand what’s going on. 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Book Review: Cirque du Freak

I have read this whole series and I loved it! Easily one of my favorite series.

In my opinion the first book is just there as the 'set up' book for the rest of the series, it’s where we meet our main character (Darren) and his best friend (Steve).  
They attended a freak show that’s in town for the night and there they see Larten Crepsley (the 204 year old vampire but only Steve realizes this).  Larten Crepsley is preforming with his rare poisonous spider, Madam Octa, Darren has always been amazed by spiders and has never seen anything like Madam Octa, after the show he decides to sneak into Larten’s room after the show for a closer look. When Darren can hear people coming he decides to steal Madam Octa!

While in Darren's care Madam Octa bites Steve which leaves him in a very dangerous coma. Darren’s only choice is to return to the freak show before it leaves town and ask for the antidote from Larten Crepsley.

Larten Crepsley agrees to give Darren the antidote but only if he becomes his assistant... Darren reluctantly agrees, he has no chose its either become a vampires assistant or watch his friend die. (something he already blames himself for)

Basically once we get passed all that (in the first half of the book) it transforms! 
We are introduced to our new home at the travelling show and there we meet all kinds of interesting characters - including a lizard boy and a tremendous show conductor.   The series itself revolves around a bigger vampire story but there is no sparkles or teen drama in this vampire story.. the strongest will only survive in this story. 

Suitable for Pre-Teens and great for reluctant reads

Monday, 19 February 2018

Liked Throne of Glass : What you can read next?

Why you may ask ??

Carve the mark
Carve the Mark shares some of the great elements of Throne of Glass - Strong characters, characters with more than human abilities and hidden plans that keep you turning the pages way past bedtime - but its set in a totally different genre so there is a whole new amazing 'planet' to discover . With strong protagonists, an evil prince and an underground rebellion I don't know what more you need but just encase there is also inter-planet fighting, amazing airships and its set in space .... come on! 

The Lost Prince
Now full honesty this book just reminds me of Aedion :) So it's more of a 'what to read after you finish book 5' .   Following unavoidable events Ethan the Main character is forced to hide out in the magical world that he has spent years trying to avoid and hes not alone.. Mackenzie St.James, the cute reporter from the school paper, is now court up in the dangerous world not meant for mortals and with a destiny that wont leave him alone and a cute girl that refuses to return to safety Ethan's got his work cut out for him if their every going to get home. The Lost Prince is a great book for everyone

The Demon king
Okay take a minute with me and imagine two medieval schools side by side and at one you study how to control high magic and at the other you learn how to fight for the best armies ... Now if you haven't gone there already imagine the Throne of Glass characters a few years younger (or in some cases a few hundred years younger) attending those schools !!  The Demon king trilogy is sooo good and I'm not doing it justice with this explanation but seriously this book goes toe to toe with Throne of Glass, its full of magic and action , with two very solid main characters and two intricate stories . You'll find this hard to put down and with each book having no less then 500 pages they look daunting but they are super easier to read and the language is not overly intricate so you'll find yourself finishing and grabbing for the next one faster then you think .

So with my 'no spoilers' rule this one is hard to explain why is a 'read next' but basically for fans of the "Throne of Glass queen" and her "warrior prince" (if you get my drift 'cough cough') then read this! I loved it , the focus on just the two blood types was interesting and meant the author could really build the world and characters . It would be a great book to read if you enjoyed Carve the Mark too. Basically a bit of the throne of glass world but the character building of Carve the Mark and hey I'm not upset with that :P .

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book Review: The Headhunters Race

Being sentenced to prison at thirteen for a crime you didn't commit is hard enough but then you add in the fact that your step-father — the same man that owns the prison — is the one who sent you there for being an accomplice to your own mothers killing and you have me intriguing.

The author throws us straight into the deep end on the first page with an opening paragraph that will make you feel like you’re standing alongside Avene, tiptoeing to get the small bit of semi fresh air coming through the top window before having to venture into the death and disease full prison.   The first few chapters gives us a good description of how terrible the prison is to live in and being a dystopian novel you can already imagine how horrible it will be. With food.. well more accurately slop.. only dispensed into a large troughs twice a week with no-where near enough food to feed everyone only the strong and canning survive. The only way out is to compete in the headhunters race which sees prisoners racing to find and kill a wanted man/woman and the first to find them is granted their freedom. Avene has been denied every time until now ... and with the wanted man being Gavin (the boy truly responsible for her crime) maybe its the perfect time for Avene to right some wrongs.

The headhunters race is only 187 pages long so is a great quick read by page 43 we're starting the race and then the story has you hooked.