Sunday, 18 August 2019

What to read after... The Novice (Summoner Series)

First things first, 3 out of 4 of these books have magical pet sidekicks so you should read them just because of that but if you need more reasons why keep reading below...

Spellslinger is not like your average Magic bets all kind of book which is why i think its a great book to read after The Novice because The Novice is full with non magical characters who are still cunning and strong just like the main characters in Spellslinger. 
Spellslinger is set in a world full of strong magical characters but the main characters magic abilities but those magical abilities seem to have skipped Kellen, he relies on cheap imitations and sleight of hand magic to get by , but when Kellen makes an enemy of the wrong people he will need to learn more then just flashy tricks and with his magic abilities looking like they will never activate he will need to assemble some strong allies too  

Brotherhood of Thieves
The brotherhood of Thieves follow a group of street thieves recruited by a secret organisation to be trained tomb raiders, where they rob them of ancient artifacts and magical weapons to supply the kings army that is protecting the board against the  hideous and gruesome civilization on Roon (kinda like a troll). Each recruit is gifted a magic creator to help them achieve there mission which reminds me of the Demons that are summoned in The Novice. So if you loved the sidekicks in The Novice you will definitely need to read Brotherhood of Thieves (and as an added bonus all three books are about as long as one Novice book so we will be finished in no time!)  

Darren Shan Cirque Du Freak
Now why read this series after The Novice? I added it in because Darren and Fletcher are very similar characters, the similarity's between the two books are very little but if you like the take charge attitude of Fletcher you will like Darren, and Darren's story also leads him into different worlds and fights to death just as regularly as Fletcher's does and he makes just as many great friends along the way as Fletcher does. Its definitely worth a look ..

The Demon King
If you loved The Novice you will fly through The Demon King! The Novice is the baby brother to The Demon King, The Novice wants to be like The Demon King when it grows up. Everything is this book is bigger and better! More intrigue, more crazy plot lines and bigger bad guys. The book follows Han a boy who used to be a notorious gang leader in the slums but has reformed his ways to care for his sick younger sister but street thugs wont let you leave that easily so Han spends most of his time with his other clan family in the mountains where he hunts and gathers for money for his sister. One day Hans catches some of the rich wizards from town burning a sacred hunting ground, Hans and his clan brother, Fire Dancer, surround them and force them to give up the magical amulet which will stop them being able to burn down anymore of the sacred forest. This action sparks a series of events for Hans changes his life forever, because he is now in possession of an ancient amulet that belong to The Demon King, a man that nearly destroyed the world 100's of years before. Now Hans knows that he cant let this amulet fall back into the hands of the family he took it from or that could mean the end of the world as he knows it, but making this stand will have it consciousnesses and they might be more then Hans is able to handle. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Manga Review: Blue Exorcist

Rin's not having a good day, when he returns home with signs that hes been in another fight his father decides that this is the last straw and suits him up and sends him out to find a           job, arrgh! not how Rin wanted to spend his day.  While walking to his new job he is surrounded again by the same jerks that started the fight that morning .. but this time things are different the groups leader seems to have a tail and horns? But before he can figure out why, things quickly escalate and Rin's life is now in danger and Rin explodes into blue flames - the legendary powerful blue flames of the son of Satan. In that moment Rin's life changes forever and hes pulled into the life of an Exorcist - a group of elite people trained to hunt and eliminate demons.

Rin now has his work cut out for him, he needs to learn how to control his powers before the leaders of the Exorcist's think hes to unpredictable and dangerous and lock him up, he must also learn to work as a team with his fellow new recruits which wont be easy because they all think he is going to burn them alive at any minute and on top of all that he wants to learn who is is and what this flame means for him...

P.S wait until you meet the coolest sidekick, Kuro !
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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Review from a book club kid: A Court of Wings and Ruin

It was so good. ;-;
I might've cried about how good it is. It's a trilogy worth reading and I'm happy I did!
Over to Azriel and Cassian
*Azriel starts the powerpoint*

Cassian: why hello everyone, you have arrived at this review. Congrats lets give a round of applause for our amazing readers,

*No one claps, but Cassian.*

*Azriel changes the slide*

Cassian: -coughs-Let's just say that this book makes us sound amazing, strong and cool and the Night Courts High Lady shine.

*Cassian glances at the powerpoint, slowly getting ticked off*
Azriel reads what's on the slide: Rhys obviously has the biggest wingspan

*Cassian storms out, Cassian: I CAll TrEaSon! AmREn gO GeT mE a RuLeR!*

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Review from a book club kid: The Book Thief

The Book Thief is a moving, compelling story set in Germany during World War II. It tells the story of Liesel Memeinger, a young girl sent to live with a foster family in Munich. During her time there, she learns to read and in doing so, her passion for books and literature grows. Word's become Liesel's escape and soon her downfall as she begins to read whatever she can get her hands on; illegal or not. Recounted and narrated by Death himself, The Book Thief teaches us to pursue what we love, as it will help us during dark times.

Due to the popularity and wide-spread love this novel received, it was turned into a movie starring Geoffry Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie NĂ©lisse and released in 2013.

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Review from a book club kid: You're Welcome Universe

 You're Welcome Universe, centres around the life of Deaf Indian teenager, Julia and the struggles she encounters around her identity. Art is Julia's life—street art to be accurate, which isn't always legal—and is her way of leaving a mark on the world. When graffiti appears in their school gym, calling out her best friend, Julia steps in to help with a plan of her own. However, she finds herself brutally backstabbed and expelled. Sent off to a mainstream school, Julia must now navigate high school relying on an interpreter. Upon befriending a new classmate, Julia learns some influential life lessons and that a disability isn't a restriction, but part of her identity.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Review from a book club kid: A Court of Mist and Fury (Book 2)

PEOPLE READ IT! The first book may be good but this is just like gone another level.

The author is really smart in how she made this book like I didn't know that this was a playoff from Beauty and The Beast. Exceptional plot twists and her characters are amazing.

You may have disliked Rhysand, because of the first book, but guys you guys are going to love this dude and his friends.

Overall I loved it and now I'm off to read the next book!

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Review from a book club kid: Again!! Vol 1

Okay, guys, I didn't think that this was good until I sat down and gave it a good read. I was wrong * Hands Up* it's really good, it gave me a huge Haikyuu!! vibe. I thought this was Shojo since it was a slice of life manga but..... surprise surprise it's a Shonen!

At first when I picked it up and I was like huh. The character here on the first volume sorta looks like a gender-bent Sasuke.

I have to say, this series has a really good storyline and it's been set up perfectly and there really isn't anything that I would fault about it. All the characters have different perks and personalities. This series is really relatable to highschoolers nowadays and teaches us a good lesson. 

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Review from a book club kid: InuYasha Umnibus 13

For once, this manga has started without picking up where another has had a 'to be continued...' 
(right in the middle of a fight).

The series is about a group of people (3 humans, 1 half-demon and 1 full demon who is a kid) trying to defeat an extremely-powerful-and-hard-to-kill-half-demon.

I personally really enjoy this series because of the creativity and thought put into each character. The artist is extremely good at drawing expressions. on top of that the story line is amazing if you enjoy long action and adventure series.

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Review from a book club kid: Children if the whale Vol 7

Children of the Whales is a book about people who are descended from criminals stranded on an island. They know nothing about their ancestors' sentence and the outside world.

In this volume, while sailing towards a country that they're hoping will ally with them the group of main characters are uncovering their past. The reason this would have to be my favorite volume is that is full of mystery, discovery and adventure.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Review from a book club kid: A Mouse Musical

In this book mouse ford academy has a musical.
The headmaster needs to find a story for the musical so she takes a walk and sees the Thea sisters had tripped over. That gave her an idea. Pam had flags tangled around which reminded the headmaster of the lion from the wonderful wizard of oz. Nicky was covered with straw from the broom with looked like the scarecrow. Violet had a bucket on her which looked like the tin man. So they decided on the wizard of oz.
The auditions started first was acting which Craig didn't want to do but Ryder convinced him to. In the audition ruby sabotaged violet with a hot lollie. Then dancing where ruby put oil on Nicky's shoes. Then singing which Paulina auditioned before ruby could sabotage her. The Thea sister set up a secret audition for Craig because he was nervous to sing. Paulina asked him to practice with her when everyone was listening secretively. Read it to find out who got what parts.

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Review from a book club kid: Thea Stilton The Secret Invention

The secret invention is when the Thea sisters have a science fair coming up with all the big scientists judging. So they work there hardest and create a invention called the Mousepod 3000.
The Mousepod 3000 helps people walk if their injured or lazy.
Ruby flashy fur (the mean girl) comes back from her holiday and hears about the contest and becomes determined to win the contest cheating or not. Ruby is a cheater so of course she didn't make it she brought it by a famous scientist. Ruby brought a floating island it floats on water. Ruby sabotaged the Thea sisters invention with a virus and made it walk of a cliff. So their school didn't compete in the science fair.
The end

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

YA Manga Review: Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is here !!

After two brothers make a huge mistake they set off on an adventure to right their wrongs, but its not as easy as they think. Edward's only option is to join the State Alchemists which isn't really where he wants to be, but its the only place that might have the answers he needs.

             Edward Elric aka The Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother Alphonse Elric number one goal is to undo their big mistake but as they get closer to their goal they uncover more then they intended and encounter some unexpected enemies that have plans of there Elric brother that no one saw coming

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Book Summary: A Very Unusual Pursuit

I think its about time for a mystery story, and this one seems a little on the creepy thrilling side.
Monsters live in the dark places of London and eat children who stray to close.

 Birdie has been working hard to hunt these monsters down.
She lures the beast out and Alfred kills them.

Life seems like business as usual until Alfred and Birdie's lives are changed by two interesting characters, Sarah the leader of a gang of pickpockets and a Edith who's studying mythical beasts. Both come with their own threats to everything Birdie knows but could they also be the help birdie needs to defeat an evil over taking London.

Book Summary: Half Upon a Time

I just look at these covers and I know its going to be a funny series!

May finds herself stuck in the fairy tale land that she has only read about in books. Totally confused to how she got there her path crosses with Jacks, the son of the famous Jack who stole from the giant up the beanstalk. Now, Jack has his own problems to worry about - finding a princess to rescue and locating his missing dad being high on his priority list - So with May now part of the mix our two characters are going to have a lot of work ahead of them...

This series seems like a great new twist on some classic fairy tales and my guess is it wont disappoint

Book Summary: The Last Wild

A customer asked me whats a book to read after How to Bee by Bren MacDibble so i told her to give The Last Wild a go.

The story is set in a world where animals no longer exist (which is about the saddest thing i could imagine!) Our main character Kester lives in a home for unwanted troubled kids and as you can imagine hes told hes not worthy everyday so one day when Kester stumbles upon a group of animals and is taken to where the last animals on earth are hidden Kester thinks he has finally lost it, but this is not some crazy delusion and these animals are real and they really need his help. The animals have saved Kester so now its up to Kester to save them and with the help of some great characters along the way this is turning out to be a great series !