Sunday, 15 April 2018

Book Review: Defy

“How do I look?” My voice wobbled but I refused to let myself cry again. The army would be here any minute.
“Like me,” Marcel said
Together, we hurried to pick up all the hair and throw it into the flames that were consuming what was left of our cottage. The long strands, years’ worth of growth, curled up and burned away in moments. Gone. Like my parents. Like my home. All taken, burned, hewn down, and turned to ash.

It always irritated Alexa how similar she looked to her twin brother Marcel. Her jaw was to square for a girl and she was too tall, her hair was the one feature that made her look like a girl apart from that she could easily pass as her brother’s twin brother not twin sister, but that’s exactly what saves her after the Blevon army attacks her village killing her parents and making Alexa and her brother orphans and in their king’s care… where all orphaned boys are forced to join the king’s army and all orphaned girls are sent to the breeding house… to one day make more boys for his growing army.
So Alexa has no choose but to live out the remainder of her life as Alex, Marcel’s twin brother and become a solider in the king’s army but after displaying her talents with a sword in training the twins are quickly transferred to the elite prince’s guard. Were they must now guard the young prince day and night… yea that will be easy for a girl hiding out as a boy...
With that main set up happening in the first 20 or so pages it leaves a lot of story left and there is a lot of amazing story left.
This series has enough to please everyone, a love triangle, witty writing, sword fighting, a girl hiding in a boy’s world, battling for what’s right from within, characters that aren’t all that they seem and my personal favorite kick ass main characters!!!

The series is nice a quick to with each book only being a few hundred pages long so if your looking for a quick series to read or just wanting something to read while on break I recommend giving it a go.

The breeding house isn’t graphically explained but is differently part of the story and will need a slightly older readers to understand what’s going on. 

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