Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Book Review: The Last Namsara

Who would have thought telling a bedtime story could be a dragons weakness.

We dive into this amazing story with Asha (that’s our kick ass heroine of the story) luring a dragon out so she can kill it. She succeeds but not before she is burnt by the dragon as he takes its last breath, being burnt by dragon fire is deadly.
When she tries to treat her burn in secret is when she meets a slave. (You’ll like him). He isn’t afraid of her, everyone is afraid of her. He bandages her burn without flinching or shying away. Why isn’t he scared? It’s against the law to look at her let alone touch her, so why is he risking his life helping her?

To not have to marry her jerk of a fiancĂ© she must complete a dangerous mission, a mission that completely turns on its head. Showing our heroine that love ones don’t always tell you the truth, sometimes that can burn deeper than a dragon’s burn.

This story is fast pace, page turning and has a grip on you that you absolutely NEED to know what happens next. There are short stories within the story so you are never lost about what’s happened or how something started.

LOVED IT! Give it a go!

Review by Ema

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