Thursday, 7 June 2018

Book Review: Revenge and the Wild

Westie, our rough around the edges main character, is on the hunt for her families killers, a group of cannibals that left her an orphan and only one arm. As a child Westie was saved and nursed back to health by the Wintu tribe then was adopted by Nigel Butler a local inventor who is also responsible for the new piece of clockwork hardware she calls an arm. Westie and Nigel live in the sanctuary of Rouge City, a western town protected by Wintu magic where humans and creatures can live side by side without killing each other. But now seventeen, Westie wants revenge, and will search high and low if she has too. But fate has other plans for Westie and her crew and with a new troubling discovery about magic and an even more troubling set of visitors Westie is going to need a lot more help and smarts to get the revenge she craves.

This story is full of amazing characters including a vampire with an agenda of his own, werewolves, a boy with a clockwork mask, Orks and other mythical creatures that all still manage to fit the western theme of the story. I loved the relationships Westie has with the different characters and found myself loving them all in the same ways she does. I haven't read a stand alone book in a while and it was nice to have the 'situation' resolved all in the one book, it also made the story flow quickly

This is a good book to read between series or while your waiting for the next book in a series to be  published! (like i was HURRY UP WAR STORM haha), or if your just wanting a 'bookpallet' cleanser because this books is definitely 'interestingly different' .

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