Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book Review: The Headhunters Race

Being sentenced to prison at thirteen for a crime you didn't commit is hard enough but then you add in the fact that your step-father — the same man that owns the prison — is the one who sent you there for being an accomplice to your own mothers killing and you have me intriguing.

The author throws us straight into the deep end on the first page with an opening paragraph that will make you feel like you’re standing alongside Avene, tiptoeing to get the small bit of semi fresh air coming through the top window before having to venture into the death and disease full prison.   The first few chapters gives us a good description of how terrible the prison is to live in and being a dystopian novel you can already imagine how horrible it will be. With food.. well more accurately slop.. only dispensed into a large troughs twice a week with no-where near enough food to feed everyone only the strong and canning survive. The only way out is to compete in the headhunters race which sees prisoners racing to find and kill a wanted man/woman and the first to find them is granted their freedom. Avene has been denied every time until now ... and with the wanted man being Gavin (the boy truly responsible for her crime) maybe its the perfect time for Avene to right some wrongs.

The headhunters race is only 187 pages long so is a great quick read by page 43 we're starting the race and then the story has you hooked.

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